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EastCOM Consulting: digital transition towards new markets

We find personalized solutions for our clients and help to better understand them, as well as to face the challenges of internationalization and digital transformation .

We provide tailor-made solutions to our clients with the view of them utilizing the opportunities in the Balkans and the opportunities created by digital transformation to the best of their abilities. Feel free to contact us so that we can find a way to help you too.

We are a Belgrade-based consultancy which offers advisory services to small and medium enterprises with the goal of their expansion to the Balkans and breaking into international markets. Our advisory services are based on a very comprehensive knowledge of marketing tools and digital communication.
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years of experience in the Balkan peninsula
years of experince in corporate training
years of experience in business consulting

Business areas

Strategies and innovative solutions

We guarantee to provide you with a detailed analysis of the territory on which you want to launch business in Serbia or the Balkans, as well as an analysis of customs reliefs and tax incentives, and time period and realistic costs relating to implementation of an investment.

Administrative consulting and bookkeeping services

We can open a company, in line with the Serbian regulation, in matter of only few days. We also provide administrative services, bookkeeping services, financial consulting, compilation of financial reports and tax filings, recruitment consulting and job contracts.

Internationalization processes

Our wealth of experience in startups, i.e. in the process of the regular administration and bookkeeping management in companies, gives our clients a guarantee of integrity and efficiency in all stages of internationationalization.

Projects and web content

On the back of the success and publishing experience of the Serbian Monitor web portal, we develop and implement projects and original content in the Italian, Serbian and English language for those clients who want to have a quality online presence.

Communications and events

We plan and realize events in line with client’s requirements, including conferences, seminars, gala dinners and festivals. Such events entail implementation of integrated communication strategies, and maintaining contact with the media.

Corporate training and conferences

Our fifteen years of experience in training students, managers and company staff are a guarantee of the quality and the ability to respond to various needs for additional training and planning. We also hold courses with innovative content.


  • Setting up companies in Serbia, Croatia, Romania and Bulgaria

  • Administrative consulting and bookkeeping in Serbia

  • Researching potential partners and suppliers in the Balkan area

  • Temporary company management

  • Leasing out company HQs and virtual office services

  • Digitalization consultancy

  • Digital publishing projects

  • Developing websites

  • Communication and marketing projects

  • Organizing events and conferences

  • Holding marketing and communication training sessions

  • Scenario analysis, pre-investment studies, market research

  • Writing business plans

  • Training in company internationalization

  • Forecasting digitalization scenarios

Serbian Monitor, your everyday compass to better understanding of Serbia

As a tool that can help you to better understand doing business and investing in Serbia, the Serbian Monitor web portal contains a wealth of information that is updated regularly. The news is published both in Italian and English language.

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Our team

The know-how that we are upgrading on a daily basis, various experiences, the ability to understand expectations and solve problems of our clients

Biagio Carrano
Biagio Carrano Founder and Director
Consultant and lecturer in internationalization and corporate digitalization, Biagio Carrano founded eastCOM Consulting in Belgrade with the view of offering clients a set of efficient services and solutions that would help them to better deal with the complexity and opportunities found on new markets, and with technological innovation. He has been a lecturer in the Il Sole 24 ORE business school for over ten years where he is planning and giving lectures to companies and organizations in the field of implementation of organizational changes, strategies and marketing, internationalization, and utilization of technologies and digital media.
Iva Nikolic
Iva NikolicSenior Consultant
Iva graduated Italian Language and Literature from the University of Belgrade, the Faculty of Philology in 2009, and she also has a Master’s Degree in Project Management from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences. As a Senior Consultant at eastCOM Consulting, she is in charge of administration and bookkeeping. Additionally, she is a qualified Italian-Serbian translator, covering areas like economy, finances, law and automobile industry.
As a manager at a Serbian NGO, she organized various seminars and cooperated with different administrative bodies, as well as with foreign investors in Serbia.
Tijana Kolundzija
Tijana KolundzijaSenior Consultant
Tijana is a consultant in corporate competitiveness, accessing financial instruments (loans, EU funds), public policies and social inclusion, with a wealth of experience in development of private sector gained through managing a 30-million-EUR-credit-line granted by the Republic of Italy. Owing to her Master’s Degree in Public Policy and Administration from the London School of Economics and Political Science, as well as a Master’s Degree in Development of Local Communities and International Cooperation from the University of Florence, she writes and manages international projects funded by the EU and other international institutions.
Snezana Bjelotomic
Snezana BjelotomicSenior Content Manager
She is in charge of the English edition of the Serbian Monitor website, and is the main coordinator of this project. Snezana is a qualified translator / interpreter with a Bachelor Degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Surrey, UK. In her career, she has translated a wide variety of materials, and has also been hired by the U.S. Embassy in Serbia to work as an interpreter at the seminars for government’s PR officials and civil servants. For a number of years, she worked as a director at a media monitoring agency, and assistant manager in a regional research centre. Last but not least, Snezana like yoga and reading, and is a mother of a rambunctious 5-year-old boy.

What our clients said about us…

Con i nostri clienti costruiamo rapporti a lungo termine, basati su fiducia e professionalità

“Biagio helped us with the startup of our company in Belgrade, and since then has been performing the duties of the director, to our great satisfaction. Biagio is an intelligent and trustworthy person with excellent knowledge of the culture, context, language, people and customs in the Republic of Serbia.”
Pietro Martani, CEO of Windows on Europe SpA
“Our business school has been cooperating with Biagio for a number of years now. He is also our lecturer involved in many training sessions that take place on our premises in Rome and Milan. He is a very educated lecturer who manages to transfer knowledge in a passionate and professional manner, and always finds the right way to connect to his students.”
Adriana Anceschi and Daria Todini, Didactic coordinators at Business School de Il Sole 24ORE
“Biagio Carrano is a very serious professional who always tries to be proactive and expeditious in providing services. I have cooperated with him for a considerable amount of time several years ago when my company was launching in Serbia. His consultancy services in monitoring of economic factors that we were interested in, and in choosing proper channels, proved to be a very useful tool in this process.”
“I have been engaged in setting up and organizing the structure of branch offices of Fondital SpA in Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia and China. I have a following approach when it comes to opening a company abroad – short deadlines and low cost. And to do this I look for a serious and capable partner. I chose Biagio Carrano’s eastCOM Consulting because of their know-how and fair approach that they have maintained from the day started cooperating. After almost a year of knowing him, my opinion of him hasn’t changed and I can recommend him to other companies intending to do business in the Balkans. I would also like to recommed Serbian Monitor as an important tool in properly getting to know Serbia.”
“Biagio ci ha aiutato nello start-up della nostra società a Belgrado e da allora è il responsabile della nsotra sede con grande soddisfazione da parte mia. Biagio è affidabile, intelligente e con un’approfondita conoscenza della cultura, del contesto, del linguaggio, della gente e dei costumi della Repubblica di Serbia”
Pietro Martani, Amministratore delegato del gruppo Windows on Europe

Our location

We are based in Belgrade and we can lease our company as headquarters, in addition to providing secretarial services. Furthermore, we can lease out our conference room for meetings and training sessions.